How we do it

Experience & heritage that matter

Instar asks the right questions to design and deliver research that will drive optimal decision making.

100% focused on healthcare

40+ years of Tracking & Testing expertise

Hugely experienced personnel, specifically in Tracking & Testing research

Largest independent group in the industry

Cutting-edge tools & methodologies

Instar allows you to under stand theWhat? and the Why?better than anyone else to drive optimal decision making.

Relentless commitment to innovation in Tracking & Testing

Innovative and award-winning use of Behavioural Science in quantitative research

Pioneers in leveraging chatbot & Artificial Intelligence

Deep Normative database to understand what "good" looks like

Unbeatable efficiency & quality

Instar makes the research process easy, so you can confidently make optimal decisions.

Fieldwork via in-house LiMA Directory, ensuring highest possible quality & optimal efficiency

Custom-assembled research-ready communities, SoundBoardsSM, for efficient research

Meaningful data integration adding more value to your research

Empowering deliverables

Instar designs deliverables to enable optimal decision-making.

Interactive online dashboards with flexible access to results whilst in field, giving Instar and its clients "time to think"

True commitment to "Storylining" providing you with concise, actionable reports with rich, powerful and clear insights